Sunday, May 6, 2007

Networked Book Adhocracies -Turning conversation into action

In Paul Hawken's forthcoming book Blessed Unrest, he describes a growing social phenomenon that is sweeping "civil society".

Here's an excerpt:
"I now believe there are over one million organizations working toward ecological sustainability and social justice. Maybe two.

By conventional definition, this is not a movement. Movements have leaders
and ideologies. You join movements, study tracts, and identify yourself with
a group. You read the biography of the founder(s) or listen to them perorate
on tape or in person. Movements have followers, but this movement doesn¹t
work that way. It is dispersed, inchoate, and fiercely independent. There is
no manifesto or doctrine, no authority to check with.

I sought a name for it, but there isn't one."
Alvin Toffler had a name for it in his 1970 work Future Shock. He called these "purpose governed" groups Adhocracies, and predicted they would replace bureaucracies as a way of organizing work and civil society. Adhocracy enables "mass collaboration", turning the structured conversationbases of NetworkedBooks into social action.

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